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About us

Jello Academy Kindergarten is one of the pioneers in the implementing STEM+ARTs  educational approach, which is now popular in the US. We also provide STEM+Arts driven educational tools for teaching and more visual aids.

Sharing the mission of creating outstanding educational experiences for the future generations and following the orrientation of Revolution 4.0 issued by the Government, Jello Academy Kindergarten always strives to build an educational foundation for our children to gain skills and knowledge, not only for their real life but also for the better society.

Jello Academy curriculum focuses on cultivating a sense of love for Science, Math and Arts in our students’ mind. Scientists will be world changers in the future. Meanwhile, Arts and Math are the key to creativity, which plays a critical role in Science.

Jello Academy Kindergarten has an area of 600 square meters, including modern international standard classrooms, indoor & outdoor play areas and proper restrooms for children. The school has a modern and environmentally friendly architecture style and is designed to fit perfectly with STEM+Arts driven curriculum.

Besides, hygiene and food safety is our priority criteria about meals for children. Therefore, our daily menu, which is provided by our trusted meal provider - Senso Thanh Ngoc, is carefully designed to provide students with delicious food suitable for their age and regularly renewed.

Our entire staffs share common values that we hope our parents and students can also embrace. And we hope that our "Jello stars" will become talented and creative young citizens.


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“Jello Academy Kindergarten continuously enrolls children at the age of 3 to 5 years old. Please visit the Admission section for more information or call the Hotline or Chat with us on Facebook to register to visit the school.”

“There are 6 to 12 students per Class. Each Class has one teacher and one-two assistants to support teaching and caring students.”

Jello Academy Kindergarten cares about nutritious meals for children. Everyday, students have 5 meals at school (Breakfast, Drinking Milk, Lunch, 2pm meal and 4pm snack). To see more information about our sample menu, please visit "Meals" section.

“Our curriculum methodology follow STEM&Arts orientation. Therefore, these activities (which presents for Arts) are included in the curriculum with no extra fee".


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