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Teachers & Assistants

Our Vietnamese teaching staff includes dedicated, loving and responsible graduates from universities where they majored in Preschool Education. Prior to teaching at Jello Academy, they had been thoroughly trained and certified as teachers forJello.

Our international program teachers are native English communicators that are certified ESL teachers (TESOL, TEFL) who are trained in Early Childhood Education.

Our extra curriculum activities (physical education, music/dance, art & craft, and life skills) are taught by teachers that are qualified & carefully selected to create the best experiences for students.

Foreign teachers

Vietnamese teachers


We are always available to provide detail information about Jello Academy Kindergarten such as curriculum, fee, admission procedures, etc.
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“Jello Academy Kindergarten continuously enrolls children at the age of 3 to 5 years old. Please visit the Admission section for more information or call the Hotline or Chat with us on Facebook to register to visit the school.”

“There are 6 to 12 students per Class. Each Class has one teacher and one-two assistants to support teaching and caring students.”

Jello Academy Kindergarten cares about nutritious meals for children. Everyday, students have 5 meals at school (Breakfast, Drinking Milk, Lunch, 2pm meal and 4pm snack). To see more information about our sample menu, please visit "Meals" section.

“Our curriculum methodology follow STEM&Arts orientation. Therefore, these activities (which presents for Arts) are included in the curriculum with no extra fee".


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